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2021 ANNUAL REPORT OF NORIWork hard and persevereGlorious flowers in spring and solid fruits in autumn, the new year is coming. Looking back on 2021, although the repeated evolution of the new crow...
Gather Small Kindness to Thousands of Miles, Weave Great Love to Make SeasIt was pouring rain and lightning outside the window. A very heavy news reverberated in the hearts of every Nori people.◆ T...
Continue to Work Hard and Create Greater GloriesTime is like an arrow.Birds and cicadas are chirping, the water is sparkling.In the first half of the year, Nori people lived up to their youth.In th...
2020 ANNUAL REPORT OF NORIDifficulties Show Courage, Hard Work Guide You To Success2020
When feelings meet realityWhen Nori entered West Lake University01Production Introduction
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