As a leading high-end laboratory furniture manufacturer in Northern Europe, Labflex A/S has been committed to the production of high-end laboratory furniture industry for more than 50 years, providing global customers with overall laboratory solutions. As a leading European supplier of innovative and customized solutions, Labflex's services cover petrochemicals, professional technical schools, scientific research institutions, hospitals and other industries.  With its strong design strength, excellent research and development level, and high-quality products, Labflex has established long-term good cooperative relations with many well-known companies at home and abroad. The professional capabilities and patented technologies accumulated over more than 50 years are firmly rooted in Labflex. Labflex provides customized design solutions based on customer needs to ensure future-oriented and sustainable laboratory solutions.       Nori and Labflex are working together to help the laboratory industry's transformation, upgrading and innovation development.
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