EPC Turnkey Project
In the process of laboratory construction, it usually includes laboratory decoration engineering, HVAC engineering, gas supply engineering, biological engineering, furniture engineering, etc. It involves a wide range of knowledge. It involves a wide range of knowledge. As a complex and sophisticated system engineering, it has the characteristics of strong professional technology, high degree of mutual cohesion and difficulty in cross construction. Therefore, the EPC general contracting project is gradually becoming the vane of today's laboratory construction and development.

EPC turnkey project, which includes integrated construction services including design, procurement, and construction, it fully guarantees the professionalism of laboratory designers, construction personnel, and purchasers and the quality of laboratory engineering. The EPC general contracting project can not only coordinate the overall situation and concentrate construction, but also help control the investment cost of the project, avoid shirking responsibility, making the project quality, construction period and after-sales service more secure.
Decoration Engineering
The decoration of the laboratory is different from ordinary tooling. Nori has fully considered a series of requirements such as waterproof, anti-skid, dust-proof, and anti-corrosion in the design. It also combines the use of water, electricity, and gas for precision instruments, and the use environment of the instrument for design and construction. Nori conducts overall deployment and coordination of the laboratory, reasonable design, construction and management, so that complex projects become orderly.
HVAC Engineering
       HVAC engineering is the most important part of the laboratory. In order to provide a safe and comfortable working environment, to guarantee the accuracy of results, we use advanced air flow control technology, following the ANSI and ASHRAE, NFPA-2015, EN14175-7-2015 standard, keeping gradient pressure in the most ideal state, reducing the possibility of workers exposed to the dangerous air, and reducing the operation cost at the same time. In this way, we create more accurate, more secure, and more comfortable science laboratory.
Gas Supply Engineering
       Laboratory gas could be toxic, corrosive, flammable, explosive, suffocating, etc. Nori adopts automatic switching system and automatic welding process to ensure that the whole gas supply system has good air tightness, high purity, durability and safety reliability to meet the requirements of persistent gas supply for experimental instruments.
Laboratory Biological Engineering
       Laboratory biological engineering includes clean rooms, biosafety laboratories, PCR rooms, GMP laboratories, constant temperature and humidity laboratories, etc. Nori uses easy-to-clean, corrosion-resistant materials and reasonable construction measures to control the indoor temperature, humidity, cleanliness, and indoor pressure within the required range, so that it is not interfered by outside air.
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