Laboratory Furniture Engineering
       Nori adopts all-cnc equipment, and then passes through nine processes of acid pickling and phosphating, professionally sprayed with Akzo Nobel epoxy resin powder and cured at high temperature to ensure that the workbench passes the load-bearing, impact, chemical corrosion and other related inspections to meet your laboratory space and usage requirements.
Fume Hood
       Fume hood is an indispensable partial exhaust equipment in the laboratory. Nori is designed according to the principle of aerodynamics and meets the EN14175-2012 standard to ensure the effective exhaust of gas, smoke and dust particles in the fume hood to avoid spilling pollutants, ensure that laboratory workers avoid inhaling some toxic, disease-causing, viral and unknown chemicals.
High cabinet
       Storage cabinets should be set up in the laboratory to store chemical reagents that need to be used in the short term. Nori provides users with a variety of safety cabinets with good fire resistance and proper ventilation, as well as SCAT waste liquid collector imported from Germany,  to ensure the safe and reliable storage of reagents and hazardous materials, and the safety of laboratories and personnel.
       Laboratory accessories include: faucet, emergency shower,  eyewash with one/ two outlets, water/air cork, universal exhaust hood, sink, drip rack, reagent rack, functional column and other products. Nori not only maintains long-term cooperation with well-known domestic brands such as San Group, TOF, but also establishes stable strategic partnerships with internationally renowned brands such as Far, Novalab, and Broen.
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